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What does Alluriam have to offer?

Alluriam envisions a health and wellness journey where members can get everything from benefits to medical care all in one place. Alluriam seeks to empower the individual to take control of their health journey by providing them with all of the necessary tools and support. 

Alluriam has partnered with Zion Health to provide individuals with an opportunity to be part of a health cost sharing community. Health cost sharing is a way for individuals to contribute to the greater needs of the community. Contributions will help other members with eligible medical needs. Individuals would need to adhere to the membership guidelines (Insert a hyperlink to the guidelines page), as well as, maintain their monthly donations to stay in good standing.

The health cost sharing program is focused on helping members through larger medical costs that happen. Alluriam has combined the health cost sharing with self-funded base health. The base health is focused on providing members with healthcare needs that are more expected and regular. The base health is compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Products & Services

Essential Membership

Telemedicine + Health Share, Ideal for seasonal workers, and students.


Comfort Membership

Telemedicine + Health Share, Great for for small companies employees and their families. 

Serenity Membership

Combines the use Self-Insured  (MEC), with health savings account, and a healthcare sharing ministry, to provide peace of mind for small companies, and Gig Economy.

Premier Membership

Great benefit for members who are looking for a benefit that can provide medical as well as prescription help.The premier Membership is a great place to start for those members who have well controlled chronic conditions

Executive Membership

Provides members with a direct primary care option. Executive Membership are great for companies looking to offer its employees incentives to stay or new employees an incentive to join.

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Our Types of Memberships

Associations or Companies

Alluriam offers group benefits to Eligible Member who are properly enrolled for Benefits under an Association.


Alluriam can work with providers Such as Doctors and Physicians to build and support their patient population.  We can provide technology, integration, guidance and best practices

Representatives or Affiliates

MR deals directly with a group or association in arranging products and services, they can work with Alluriam to secure benefits for their client-Association or Provider Network.