Our Story

Our founders are a combination of successful entrepreneurs and experienced Fortune 100 executives. For the last five years, they traveled the USA to gather new healthcare ideas, learn about emerging technologies, and organically build a team capable of disrupting healthcare for you.

Our Mission

Empower our members to take charge of their health and well-being with best in class benefits, patient-centered information technology platform, and convenient integrated care teams.

Our Vision

Implement user friendly smart healthy communities.

The Company

  • Alluriam has integrated health and wellness benefit programs with best of class technology platforms to achieve high quality healthcare that is personal, convenient and accessible.

  • Alluriam understands that by creating our own benefits we can define performance, so we have created benefits that are affordable for every budget and enable the customer to evaluate and control their Health Journey.

  • Alluriam seeks to depart from sick care and build smart healthy communities that respond to customer needs real time, by integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI), coaching, provider networks, telemedicine and mobile technologies.

  • We seek to validate every solution that we deploy, and ensure it not only fulfils the highest standards of care, but also makes it convenient and easy to use!

  • We believe that happy, healthy customers are loyal customers and by fulfilling their needs we can build a better standard of care!

Our Product

We are focused on providing healthcare technologies and services that will increase the quality and lower the cost of providing healthcare. Alluriam platform ensures strict adherence to HIPAA privacy regulations, cybersecurity protections, and supports all aspects of TEFCA specification making the platform ideal to become Qualified Healthcare Information Networks (QHINs).

Our Capabilities

  • Single portal for all health records collected from all EHRs providers

  • Cognitive AI assisting caregivers to identify missed tests, conditions and multiple morbidities

  • Predictive Population risk assessment and management

  • Intelligent Agents to perform specialized tasks (check-in, validating coverage, etc.)

  • Multidimensional viewing of medical images

  • Appointment management

  • Secure HIPAA communications for doctor-to-doctor and doctor to patient

  • Patient control over health information sharing

  • IoT integration with monitoring