Our Story

Our founders are a combination of successful entrepreneurs and experienced Fortune 100 executives. For the last five years, they traveled across the country to gather new healthcare ideas, learn about emerging technologies, and organically build a team capable of disrupting the healthcare status quo.

Our Mission

Empower communities to take charge of their health and well-being through best in class information technology platform, and convenient integrated care teams.

Our Vision

To build Healthy Communities that contribute to mutual wellbeing for all.

The Company

Alluriam seeks to expand on the concept of “well care” to build healthy communities, through interconnected systems and integrated stakeholders. Healthy Communities are Corporations, Townships, Counties, local communities, or groups where Alluriam programs, in conjunction with our Coaches, are used to steer predictive/preventive care and encourage healthy habits and engagement for all stakeholders. The goal is to achieve the best health outcomes while reducing costs.Alluriam is a new platform for social interaction in which Communities, Corporations, Townships, or Counties can collect, share, and use information to reduce risk, reduce costs, and improve healthy lifestyle through outcomes-based practices. The solution relies on risk adjustment to maintain predictable and actuarially sound payments to all enrollees and incentivizes high-value predictive/preventive care to keep beneficiaries healthy and minimize disease progression.


Our Product

We are focused on providing healthcare technologies and services that will increase the quality and lower the cost of providing healthcare. Alluriam platform ensures strict adherence to HIPAA privacy regulations, cybersecurity protections, and supports all aspects of TEFCA specification making the platform ideal to become Qualified Healthcare Information Networks (QHINs).

Our Capabilities

  • Employee Availability Planner
  • Personal Health Records
  • Health Coaching