Health Coaching

What is a Health Coach?

  • Provides all employees a single place to get answers from trained coaches about COVID-19 and more
    • Should I be worried with the symptoms I have?
    • Is a lab test needed?
    • What is the best lab test? Where do I get it?
    • If I think I was exposed, what should I do?
  • Provides managers with knowledge about when employees are available so they can plan for normal or special occasions
  • Provides everyone with privacy and security of your personal information


  • Health Coaching focuses on the whole person, patient-centric approach and offers each member an opportunity to set goals for his/ her physical and mental well-being. This includes disease management, self-care and lifestyle management such as treatment Benefits and medication education and adherence, weight, fitness, nutrition, stress, smoking cessation and the mindset to sustain wellness.
  • Our members are supported by a dedicated team of Health and Wellness Coaches who will assist in implementation, ongoing support and overall direction of wellness initiatives.

Key features and Benefits.


Alluriam offers companies individually tailored sets of services integrated into one common system and tailored to meet the needs of those companies to deliver great, affordable healthcare for their employees. The underlying integration technology provides a view of their employee’s health and wellness while also making it convenient for their employees to see and manage their own health and wellness.