What Is Health Share?

What is HealthShare?

  • A HealthShare is program that allows for members to share in medical expenses. Alluriam partners with Zion Health, to bring the best HealthShare experience. Through a proven and organized sharing model, members share large medical expenses with one another.
  • In a HealthShare, medical expenses that come up are called “needs”. Sharing is a great way to prepare for the largest of medical expenses.

Initial Unsharable Amount (IUA)

  • An IUA is the initial amount that the member pays for a medical need before it is considered for sharing
  • The first $1,000, or $2,500 in eligible medical expenses is the member responsibility. The remaining eligible sharable medical expenses would be submitted to Zion Health for sharing.
  • The IUA works on a per incident basis and does not reset annually
  • Incidents are capped at a maximum of 3 incidents per household in a 12-month period.

Use of HealthShare

  • Members are not required to use a network of doctors or providers, however Alluriam has partnered with PHCS/MULTIPLAN, to access the largest provider network in the country.
  • Members are considered cash-pay patients with the provider which saves the community money and provides the member with the freedom to use any provider in the world.

Pre-existing Conditions

  • Any illness or accident for which a person has been diagnosed, received medical treatment, been examined, taken medication, or had symptoms for 24 months prior to the effective date is considered a pre-existing condition.
  • In the first year of Membership, pre-existing conditions are not sharable with the Zion Health community yet.
  • After the first year of continuous Membership, up to $25,000 can be shared.
  • After the second year of continuous Membership, up to $50,000 can be shared.
  • After the third year and going forward, the pre-existing condition is now considered fully sharable with the Zion Health community.