Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Alluriam Health Tracker (AHT) a Contact Tracer?

A: No. Contact Tracer applications record your GPS location and record if you are near to anyone known to be infected with COVID-19. AHT does not use your GPS data or track who you are meeting with or close to.

Q: How does AHT Protect My Privacy?

A: First, no information about you is collected without your expressed permission as provided in the Consent form signed by all employees. AHT is a cloud-based system and all of your information resides on that system. For the AHT System, we store your information encrypted on highly secured databases. In addition, AHT employs proven cybersecurity systems to control access to all subsystems and your data and prevent unauthorized access. While determined individuals and groups may find a way to breakdown security measures, the fact that data is encrypted makes it super protected. In no way does AHT share your information with third parties of any nature unless required by law or regulatory requirements (e.g. HIPAA consent requires us to share your information with your caregivers).

Q: Does anyone at my office see my status?

A: All the managers in your management line will have access only to your Health Status as determined by a Coach with consultation from your caregivers, if any. Your managers sign consents to protect your information from being shared and the amount of information appearing on their screens is not accessible once a manager logs off. Managers are trained to log off their system or smart devices when leaving them.

Q: Do you use cookies?

A: Yes. We use cookies for to analyze and make your experience on our site better.

Q:Do you sell my contact information or browsing information to anyone?

A: No. But depending upon the benefits your employer contracts to provide you, you may receive messages from Alluriam and providers of those benefits relating to those benefits and options you need to know about.

AHT’s Health Tracking Features:


Q: Why must I Take My Temperature and Answer the Symptom Survey Every Day?

A: Your company has decided to use AHT to provide not only better health protection for you as an employee, but also to assure customers that the company is taking measures to protect their health, especially during the periods of time when highly contagious infectious diseases are prevalent. Taking temperature and observing symptoms on a daily basis is a protocol public health agencies have recommended; particularly at this time when COVID-19 has hit the pandemic level of spread.

Q: What is Health Status and How is it Determined?

A:  Health status is set in the system by a Coach after reviewing your test results and observing your temperature and symptoms. In some cases, your caregivers will assist the coach in determining your Health Status and when you might be ready to go back to work following an illness (COVID-19 or other infectious disease). The Coach may ask you for an appointment to speak about your reports and how you feel before finalizing a Health Status setting at any given time.

Q: When Should I Contact a Coach?

A: Whenever you have a question regarding how to record a symptom, or if you have a question about your availability date or health status, or even if you are unsure about a symptom and how to report it. Coaches see your data every day and may want to ask you for an appointment to speak about your information and yhow you are feeling. They will ask for an appointment and you will have to confirm an available Coach time for that appointment.

Q: When Should I Contact the Help Desk?

A:  Whenever you need help with the technical functioning of your app, or when you have feedback or suggestions about the technical capabilities of the Service, contact the Help Desk.

AHT’s Health Tracking Features:


Q: What does Alluriam Health and Wellness Do?

A: Alluriam is a high-tech product company developing new technologies to integrate best of class, third party services together with the goal of delivering a less expensive, higher quality health and wellness approach tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual.

Q: What is Alluriam Health Tracker’s Market Focus?

 A: AHT is for use of offices that have extensive and frequent contact with the public and where goods or services are frequently provided. A few examples are Restaurants, Registration Offices, Office Supply Stores, Packaging Stores, etc. While the initial application of AHT is as an assistant for managing COVID-19 Back-to-Work programs, it can serve that function for any infectious disease where the transmission of infection involves air, surfaces, touching. We expect this tool to help manage the office health status for any infectious disease.

Q: What benefits do employees derive by using AHT?

A: Employees are provided with an easy yet structured way to report how they feel on a given day before heading into work. As a result, the probability of the spread of infectious disease from contact with fellow employees is nearly eliminated. Employees will have a way to manage their test results as well as have access to additional services their employers may provide from and these will include Telehealth, Prescription services, etc.

Q: Why was Alluriam Health and Wellness Formed?

A: The founders of Alluriam Health and Wellness are highly experienced, successful high-tech enterprise operations software executives. After years of exploring the healthcare market individually, they came together to determine how they might improve the delivery, effectiveness and quality of healthcare while also lowering the cost of that healthcare to individuals. One of the key hallmarks of Alluriam’s approach is the focus on convenience, privacy and ease-of-use for individuals.

Q: What does Alluriam Offer Companies?

A: Alluriam offers companies individually tailored sets of services integrated into one common system and tailored to meet the needs of those companies to deliver great, affordable healthcare for their employees. The underlying integration technology provides a view of their employee’s health and wellness while also making it convenient for their employees to see and manage their own health and wellness.

Q: What does Alluriam Offer Doctor’s and Other Caregivers?

A: Alluriam partners with Doctors and Groups of Doctors who can deliver great care at a discounted price to the employees of the companies we serve. These doctor’s often offer wellness options, but Alluriam partners with wellness practices as well as needed to round out the availability of care giving wellness services. Alluriam provides caregiver groups with groups of new patients in their areas of practice thus lowering marketing expenses and increasing revenues faster than they ordinarily would. In turn, having caregiver groups that can serve employees across many companies is a major benefit to employers and employees alike.

Q: What is Alluriam’s Market Focus?

A: Alluriam is focused first on serving smaller companies, perhaps with 2-50 employees, that can’t afford typical healthcare plans given the size of their businesses, but who want to provide their employees with health and wellness protection. The initial market focus will be in the Latin communities of Central and Southern Florida.