Who can become a member?

 We Believe everyone should have access to healthcare as a fundamental human right, so we have integrated a sharing community,  committed to inclusion. 

We understand not everyone is the same, each and everyone of us is a unique individual, with a unique set of genes, culture, abilities, tastes, and more. 
If you are part of a company, we can take advantage of tax credits and wellness benefits that are provided by law.
If you are part of a gig economy, or an independent worker, Alluriam will allow you to become part of a sharing community. 
If you are unemployed, between work or would want to explore alternatives for chronic care, there are choices available to you!

For Companies


 Alluriam has combined best in class Base Health and Health Share Benefits for small companies, providing a great alternative to traditional Health Insurance. Alluriam has partnered with Zion Health cost sharing communities, in order to make health sharing more accessible, simplify the process, and encourage healthy living. Health sharing covers large medical expenses.

In order to enroll in any of the company benefits, the company needs to sign up for Alluriam group benefits, and employees will be able to select their own benefits.

Offer choice and control to your employees by paying for the package you can afford and allowing them to pay the difference in the package they choose.

It does not matter if the company has one or a thousand employees, if there is a payroll and a tax ID, the company can participate.  Employees and families will be enrolled under the company group benefits.

You need to contact an Affiliate who would guide you through your enrollment process.

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