Representatives & Affiliates

Who is a Marketing Representative?


Marketing Representatives are Alluriam representatives who acts as an intermediary between ALLURIAM and Associations or Providers. MR deals directly with a group or association in arranging products and services, they can work with ALLURIAM to secure benefits for their client-Association or Provider Network.

Who is an Affiliate


Affiliates are Alluriam representatives who will enroll companies and members onto the system and receive a monthly commission. Affiliate access an Affilate Dashboard (AD) protected under login and password. From this dashboard, the Affiliate will access the Enrollment Platform (EP) to sign up members and companies. They have access to documents, training videos, frequently asked questions and support (chat + phone). They are also able to view and modify their Member Portfolio and track their commissions.

Why buy through an Affiliate?

  • A primary benefit of buying through and Affiliate means you have near-immediate access to your benefits.
  • Affiliates have an in-depth understanding of the Alluriam’s products and can align those products to your needs.
  • An Affiliate will provide personalized customer service, so you don’t have to deal with the automated 800 number quite as often.
  • Plus, an Affiliate can give you advice before filing a claim.