Our Benefits.

Alluriam has combined best in class Base Health and Health Share benefits for small companies, providing a great alternative to traditional Health Insurance. Alluriam has partnered with Zion Health cost sharing communities, in order to make health sharing more accessible, simplify the process, and encourage healthy living. Health sharing covers large medical expenses.

Products & Services

Essential Membership

Telemedicine + Health Share, Ideal for seasonal workers, and students.


Comfort Membership

Telemedicine + Health Share, Great for for small companies employees and their families. 


Serenity Membership

Combines the use Self-Insured  (MEC), with health savings account, and a healthcare sharing ministry, to provide peace of mind for small companies, and Gig Economy.

Premier Membership

Great benefit for members who are looking for a benefit that can provide medical as well as prescription help.The premier membership is a great place to start for those members who have well controlled chronic conditions

Executive Membership

Provides members with a direct primary care option. Executive Memberships are great for companies looking to offer its employees incentives to stay or new employees an incentive to join.

Executive Membership Extras:
Comprehensive Eye Exam
Community of care


Benefit Comparisons

Long-Term/Custodial after IUA
Emergency Room Services after IUA
Flexible Saving Account
Health Savings Account
DPC Frontier
PHCS Multiplan
Health Coach
AI Healthcare
Nutritional Counseling (Health Coach)
Personal Health Record
Telemedicine with a $0 consultation fee
Major Dental Care
Routine Eye Exam
Predictive Analytics
Routine Dental
Prescription Discount card
Durable Medical Equipment
X-rays and Diagnostic Imaging
Laboratory and Outpatient Services
Specialty Drugs
Preferred Brand Drugs
Generic Drugs
Preventive Care/Screening/Immunization
Primary Care Visit
Non-Emergency Care Outside the U.S.
Hospital, Surgical after IUA
Pre-existing conditions 4th Year and up, Fully Covered