Meet The Team

Alluriam Leadership

Jason Brodeur, MBA

Over 20 years’ healthcare experience in both the commercial and regulatory space. 10+ years at Procter & Gamble pharma division concentrating on managed care and healthcare consumer behaviors. Elected to the Florida House of Representatives – District 28 (8 years), where he became a Chairman for multiple health and human services committees (5 years).

Henry Gong, CPA, MBA

Vice President of Telirite Technical Services, Inc. In charge of the financial budget for capital equipment purchases and plant expansions in the U.S. and Asia. Former President of nSight, Inc. In charge of worldwide implementation services for Peoplesoft ERP software. Clients included Borden Foods, Eagle Family Foods, Hillrom, Analogic, Seagram, Titliest and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

Don Green

Founder/CEO nSight, Inc. a global IT consulting company that implemented financials, distribution & supply-chain solutions for Peoplesoft. Founder/CEO of Strategic Information Group, implemented financials, distribution, supply chain solutions for Over 30 years of IT entrepreneurship experience. 

Steve Markman, PhD

A senior business & technology executive at Bell Labs, HP, NET, Novell, Avaya and CEO of DBBest, focused on best in class enterprise solutions. CEO of General Magic, focused on advanced software and devices for the portable communications market and smart, voice-enabled user interfaces for the mobile market. Partner at FutureLab technologies developing blockchain applications for the healthcare IT marketplace.

Ricardo Silva, PhD, CCE

Internationally recognized educator published author and expert in Health IT and Clinical Engineering. 20+ years of international experience in the academic, commercial and regulatory space. Has led to the development of national health IT initiatives, academic-industrial partnerships, and non-profit organizations in the healthcare market.

Sundeep Ram, DO, FHM, MBA

Hospitalist and health information manager experienced in identifying the needs of the physician when deciding on investing in an EHR platform, the benefits of installing a functional platform, and the risks of implementing a poorly designed system. More than 10 years of medical experience in administering quality patient care in hospital and private settings. Such as the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centers, Memorial Hospital at Gulfport, the Orlando Health System and the Campbell County Health system.